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Save days on producing better video content

Create dozens of clips from your raw videos, publish more content and grow your video show

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Save hours cutting clips
Super easy clip cutting. Simply upload your video, get the transcript, highlight the needed text parts, and get your short clip.
1 video = 100 clips. Cut your long video into short clip as much as your want. And share it on social media.

All you need for your videos

Nothing you don't

Long video into shorts

Turn your long video into short clips to win more views.

Catchy subtitles

People love watching videos without sound. Engage your audience with trendy subtitles!

Magic auto-focus

2 speakers? Not a problem. We will perfectly crop them. 

Written assets

Get your video’s summary and transcript to distribute your videos and index in Google in 1 click.


Change your clip into square, portrait, or landscape clip with our super resizer!


Add audio to your clip in 1 click.
Over 1000 clips were created 🌈
Join the community of our creators and create your mind-blowing clips daily

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Founder of Whale Agency / Shelf
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sandra djajic

Founder of Klu
Very very very cool. Super freaking useful. This wtf is for "how is possible I missed all the cool features you have"
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Sai Mohit Talasila

Clipwing is a great idea and I think many social media influencers will fall in love with it
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Chris Fernandes

Founder of BODII
Really efficient and easy to use
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Shivam Singh

Just tested Clipwing for creating short clips of a podcast. Loved how cool the whole process is, you can just highlight the text from transcript and it edits the video for that part, so cool. And subtitles style is also really good.
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Stephan Schott

Founder of Capaplanner
It is so enjoyable to cut the video selecting text. Which allows me to stay in product mode and make this video economically in a few minutes.
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Ankoor Nagargoje

Founder of TheCoolTools
Сlipwing is the most simple and easy to use tool for cutting short clips, I've tried veed and it's too complex to use, there are too many features that I don't even know of or i need, but clipwing, when I see the interface, i just know what I need to do, It's awesome

Get your short clips

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Free 🐛

Upload 1 hour of videos
1 video hour/month
Max 3 exports
Export in 720p
Written assets
Videos are stored for 7 days
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Pro 🦋

Upload 20 hours of video
20 video hours/month
Unlimited exports
Export in 1080p
Written assets
Videos are stored during the subscription
No watermark

Studio 🧚

Hire our production team
Everything in Pro, +
Professional video content team
Full-length podcast editing
3 custom edited clips per video
5 days turnaround

You ask - we answer!

How does Clipwing work?
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Why do I need short clips?
I have a landscape video, and I want to turn it into a vertical video. Can I do it in Clipwing?
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