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We'll turn your raw long recordings into podcasts, video series and short-form videos so you will get more quality content to grow your show faster.


Your content is great...
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We will save you piece of mind and help you reach your audience all over the Internet


❌ Video editing take a lot of time and effort
❌ You create less content that you'd love to
❌ Lack presence in social networks
❌ Grow slowly due to lack of attention

With Clipwing

✅ Get rid off tedious time-consuming editing tasks
✅ Produce more content reliably, with professional quality
✅ Publish more videos and get more views 
 Focus on what matters: creating your original content

Send your raw recording 🐛
and get tons of content to go places 🦋

Short-form clips

Vertical engaging videos to hook attention with the best moments from your episodes

🦋 fast-paced video edits
🦋 object visualisations, emojis
🦋 sound effects
🦋 captions
YouTube Shorts
Instagram Reels

Long-form episode

Fully-edited video and audio episode customised for your vision and brand following engaging structure

🦋 custom intros and outros
🦋 your ad rolls
🦋 your branding
Apple Podcasts

I didn’t think it was possible to love something this much. Like maybe McDonalds fries at 3AM when you had too much to drink comes in second but it’s not even a close race

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Dan @d4m1n

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Produce world-class videos with ClipWing. Check our works

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Get tons of content for affordable flat monthly rate
Get up to 4 episodes and 12 clips per month
3 custom short-form video clips per request
Full episode with custom intros/outros (video+audio)
Written assets for episodes (title, summary, timecodes)
5 days request turnaround, 1 request at a time
Chat with team via Slack
+ Clipwing Pro app subscription

Clipwing team

We're not AI. We are real humans building startups and creating video content for years.
We're running our own shows and know what it takes to grow with video
designs and produces creative content in the shortest time possible
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creates, shoots and edits dope videos; also 3D maker
brainstorms crazy video ideas and makes them live.
makes sure your show gets consistent quality results. Host of Ship It and Sip It show
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automates editing process so you can get more results faster. Host of Do It In Public show
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