Best podcasts for startup founders and indie hackers

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Lera Kuntsevich
Jul 05, 2024
Struggle with first sales? Don’t know how to distribute your product?

These podcasts will give you some useful tips on building and growing startups. Enjoy 🍿

Morning Maker Show with Sandra and Dan 

A live show that keeps you up to date with startups, indie makers, products & #buildinpublic. Website

The Bootstrapped Founder

A podcast for entrepreneurs, creators, and anyone who wants to build a legacy. Every Wednesday, you'll get an interview and in-depth masterclass with a subject matter expert who has been doing the things you want to do. Every Friday, a deep dive into a current topic will help you on your founder and creator journey. Website

Do It In Public | Startups & Marketing

Business & Marketing | Nika Kotláriková

Building with Joao

A podcast about Joao's journey of building products in public. Website

Ship It & Sip It

Hear the latest startup stories — straight from makers. Listen

Code & Conquer

The Indie Hacker Podcast Hosted by Tobias Arweiler. Website
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This Indie Life

This Indie Life follows the journey of two indie hackers, James McKinven and Dagobert Renouf, as we navigate the good, the bad and the ugly, attempting to turn our indie hacker dreams into reality.

Lemon Squeezy


Creating a business is not easy. Creating a business alone it's even harder and you can often feel alone in the process. With SOLOS, we are reminded that we are plenty of solo makers out there, we are not alone anymore. In this podcast, I will uncover insights about how to create a successful business as a solopreneur, share my own path as a solo maker and hopefully make some friends along the way. Website

The Business of Laravel Podcast

Short, powerful interviews with business leaders working with and within the 
Laravel ecosystem - about business, tech, and more! Website


Streamlined Solopreneur

Each week, host Joe Casabona talks about how you can build a better business through smarter systems and automated processes. He does this by bringing on expert guests, and sharing his own experience from years as a busy solopreneur parent — so that being a solopreneur feels…less solo. 

With every episode, you'll get insights, great stories, and 1-3 actions you can take today to improve your business processes and spend your time the way you want.

Niche Pursuits Podcast

Jumpstart your next big idea with actionable interviews featuring digital entrepreneurs and the latest SEO, affiliate marketing, and online business strategies.

Hosted by Jared Bauman and Spencer Haws.

Indie Bites

Bite-sized conversations (15 mins) with indie hackers that have started small bootstrapped businesses 🚀 ⚡ Listen
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