The benefits of video content for your B2B agency or SaaS

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John McTavish
Jun 12, 2024
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This may be old news for some, but if you’re thinking about expanding beyond written content to reach customers for your B2B startup — you should definitely jump straight past audio only and dive into video.

Yeah, audio podcasts have a lower barrier to entry but that also means two things: 

• More folks can (and do) make them so your niche can get saturated quickly. 

• The connection between you and the audience is not as meaningful (probably.)

Let’s get into the nitty gritty benefits of video.

The potential upside is way way bigger

The effort and expertise needed to make truly compelling audio and video content is not that far apart. But the return on that investment can be exponentially higher with video. 

If you want to check for yourself, just research the rates for podcast production from a reputable editor or agency vs long-form video production. 

It doesn’t really matter if you choose Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels or TikTok or even Twitter as your social channel of choice — the reach and potential audience engagement of video is simply 10x that of audio across the board.

Every algorithm rewards video

Speaking of social media, it doesn’t really matter where you plan to reach your B2B customers — video will help. 

BUT remember that you’re not chasing Joe Rogan or Mr. Beast. Your goal is to be top of mind with the users and buyers of your product in your niche. That may mean a few hundred viewers is absolutely enough to reach your marketing goals as a B2B company.

Video supports your sales team

B2B sales cycles are usually longer — the buyers typically take more time to consider options and will take more into consideration than the bullet points on your pricing page.

Having a deep, organized and accessible library of video content that clearly illustrates each side of your value proposition is a huge asset for your teammates in the sales department. 

And again, the impact of sending a short video vs a snippet of audio is obvious. Depending on your offer, video can also be an effective filter — turning away customers that are not a great fit for your service before both sides waste time on leads that don’t work out down the line.

YouTube is another path from search

Not only do more and more people listen to or watch podcasts on YouTube instead of Spotify or Apple Podcasts than ever before — it’s the only platform that offers effective search results.

This means that your video content has a much longer shelf life than simply being pushed to subscribers as the most recent episode in the queue.

It also means your strategy for video content should more closely resemble blog content than rely simply on recency or current things to be relevant. 

Ready to get started? We’re here to help you launch your show and reach your target audience.

The benefits of video content for your B2B agency or SaaS

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